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If you pursue the ultimate visual experience of the same color or different colors on both sides of blackout coated curtains, then you must not miss our composite blackout coated curtain fabric. On the premise of maintaining the full shading function of the composite shading coated curtain fabric, the technology uses the composite technology of the same fabric of the same color or the composite of different colors and different fabrics. It is more distinctive than traditional coated fabrics, and it has flame retardancy, heat insulation, heat preservation, etc. Function, Redefine Blackout Coated curtains are available in various varieties and colors, with good shading performance and soft hand feeling. In your spare time, you can feel the tranquility of your personal space. The style of different colors allows you to have two-color curtains, which can be used in bedrooms, living rooms, and bay windows. It is also an atmosphere assistant for hotels, residences, and restaurants.


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Industry knowledge

What are the benefits of using double-sided laminated coated fabric?

Double-sided laminated coated fabric offers several benefits across various applications. Here are some key advantages:
Water Resistance: The lamination and coating process make the fabric highly water-resistant or even waterproof, depending on the specific product. This characteristic is especially valuable for outdoor equipment, rainwear, tents, and other applications where moisture protection is essential.
Durability: The lamination and coating enhance the fabric's strength and resistance to wear and tear. It adds an extra layer of protection, making the fabric more durable and long-lasting compared to uncoated materials. This durability makes it suitable for demanding applications such as backpacks, luggage, and protective covers.
UV Protection: Double-sided laminated coated fabrics often incorporate UV-resistant properties. The coating can provide a barrier against harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays, preventing damage and color fading caused by prolonged sun exposure. This makes it suitable for outdoor furniture, awnings, and sunshades.
Stain Resistance: The coating on the fabric can repel liquids, preventing stains from penetrating the material. This feature is particularly useful in applications where spills are common, such as tablecloths, aprons, and upholstery.
Easy Maintenance: Due to the water-resistant and stain-resistant properties, double-sided laminated coated fabric is relatively easy to clean. Many of these fabrics can be wiped clean with a damp cloth or sponge, saving time and effort on maintenance.
Versatility: Double-sided laminated coated fabrics are available in a wide range of colors, patterns, and textures. This versatility allows for creative design choices, making them suitable for various applications, including apparel, bags, home furnishings, and outdoor equipment.

Is double-sided laminated coated fabric suitable for outdoor use?

Double-sided laminated coated fabric can be suitable for outdoor use, depending on the specific properties and construction of the fabric. Laminated coated fabrics are typically designed to provide enhanced durability, weather resistance, and waterproofing. The lamination process involves bonding multiple layers together, often including a fabric layer, a coating layer, and a protective film or membrane.
When considering outdoor use, several factors should be taken into account:
Waterproofing: Double-sided laminated coated fabrics are designed to provide waterproofing capabilities. The lamination process creates a barrier that prevents water penetration, keeping the fabric and its contents dry. This feature is especially important for outdoor applications to protect against rain, snow, and other moisture.
UV resistance: Outdoor fabrics should ideally have UV-resistant properties to withstand prolonged exposure to sunlight. Over time, UV radiation can cause fading, discoloration, and degradation of the fabric. Look for fabrics that have UV-resistant coatings or treatments to ensure they can withstand outdoor conditions.
Strength and durability: Outdoor fabrics should be strong and durable to withstand the rigors of outdoor use. The laminated coating can provide added strength and resistance to tearing or abrasion, making the fabric more suitable for outdoor applications.
Breathability: Depending on the intended use, it may be essential for the fabric to allow some level of breathability to prevent condensation or moisture buildup. Some laminated coated fabrics may have breathable membranes or perforations that allow air circulation while maintaining waterproofing.
Mildew and mold resistance: Outdoor fabrics are susceptible to moisture, which can lead to the growth of mildew and mold. Look for fabrics that have antimicrobial treatments or inherent resistance to these issues to ensure long-term durability.